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sad girl needs healing - read the little book of mindfulness, poetry for the mind and soul

About Sofia A

Sophie is the face behind Sofia A Poetry. Sophie began writing poetry during a recovery period of addiction and severe trauma. Sophie's first book was written over the course of a year, during her darkest times in an ode to help write self help advice on how to move forward and keep going through adversity. Where initially the poetry was written during all times of the night where Sophie was suffering and the words were there to give her strength - she soon realised what she could do for others. Collating notes and poems written, 'The Little Book of Recovery' was born.


Suffering physical and emotional abuse from a young age, assaulted severely and sexually on multiple occasions, Sophie knew her lifestyle, mindset and philosophy on self love had to change. Since publishing, Sophie's book on recovery has helped others all over the world relate to and heal from the words written. Her movement on mental health has not come without its own struggles, as those who struggle too will know, yet Sophie continues to write to help others, now publishing her most recent book 'The Little Book of Mindfulness'.

Poetry has offered a way to release, recover and let go. I want to share the power of words for recovery, for esteem and for life.

Where there are poems that may relate to pain, and those that relate to positivity, I want to help the world to know what potential truly lies within each and every one of us. For enquiries, business or otherwise, please do get in touch.

Sofia A x

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